Amanda Lioh
this is where I spill my guts for the world to see.
I like strange psychotic beings.
Sugar, Spice and everything Vice.

Passing thoughts and passing trains
One kills my body and one kills my brains.

20th October 11:51 AM
10 hours ago

Fucking slut.

Would you rather be a whore with your body or a whore with your heart
Both of which leaves you pretty fucked up.

20th October 11:47 AM
10 hours ago

Father help me I’ve fallen into a well and I can’t get up
Everything is bleak and everything is dark.
Father save me I’ve been hurting too long and wanna give up
Anything that works or anything that’s sharp.

20th October 11:44 AM
10 hours ago

Have you ever felt the pain leaving your body as it seeps through your skin

Felt the ache numb your heart out as you scream from within

18th October 2:40 AM
2 days ago

(via the-psycho-cutie)

(Source: milesfrom-my-hope, via shannonmcfly)

Alcohol tastes better than the thought of you and her.
13th October 11:58 AM
1 week ago

I can’t let every little thing that happens affect me
I can’t afford to anymore
I can’t let my thoughts run too deep and encase me
I can’t hurt others no more

I won’t cry over silly things that no one else sees
I won’t feel so much anymore
I won’t stop myself from growing up and staying free
I won’t be a bratty teenager anymore

6th October 11:06 AM
2 weeks ago

One day, we’re gonna grow up and we won’t think so much anymore
The nights that haunt us won’t hurt us anymore
One day, society’s gonna take it’s toll and we won’t defy anymore
The unrelenting thoughts won’t surface anymore
And all our thoughts would skim the surface distracted with life drifting from one to another
One day I won’t be so sad anymore because one day I’ll grow up and I won’t think anymore.

5th October 7:26 AM
2 weeks ago
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